Tuesday 8 June 2010

Making a difference

Last year we came into contact with some people called See The Difference. They had recently set themselves up as a charity that helps other charities through video fundraising. The idea is simple – you watch video appeals on their website and donate to any causes that you like. The twist is, you then get feedback from the people you helped, so you can see the difference you’ve made.

We decided to ask for money for start-up grants, so we can help more people with CF make a home for themselves and gain independence. A young man called Alex who had received a start-up grant kindly agreed to be filmed, so we made a video about him and his fridge. The website has now been launched and our appeal is, at the time of writing, one of the most viewed. You can watch it – and, of course, donate to it – on the See the Difference website

1 comment:

  1. One thing that really strikes a chord with us is when we watch a video & learn something we didn't ever realise (such as how important a fridge is for people with CF!). We loved the video, and we're looking forward to hearing the stories of the other people you support :D