Friday 18 March 2011

Nikki hijacks the blog!

Photo: Beth and Jenn after destroying Nikki's kitchen!

Hi I’m Nikki Samsa and for the next few weeks I’m going to hijack the CF Trust blog! This first entry is a long one, with a bit of background; I’ll try not to bore you too much over the coming weeks though!

I work, full time, as a fundraiser at the CF Trust, supporting lots of people like you to raise money for our favourite charity. Living at home with me are my husband, Graham, our three kids, two boys and girl, Harry (17), Jay (14) and Beth (10) and a dog, Ollie. Beth has CF, the reason we all got involved with the CF Trust in the first place.

Part of my job at the CF Trust is to work with lots of the other staff on Cystic Fibrosis Week which runs this year from 8-14 May. Over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of the background of the campaign and the ups and downs of how it all progresses.

I’m also going to chat about living and working with CF, and the realities of having kids, working full time, fundraising, socialising, medication, dog walking, exercising and trying to fit in life in general!

Two of the highs at work of this week were that the CF Week microsite went live –yay!! It could still be it bigger and better so please let me know of ways we can do this by emailing us at We chose five people living with CF to be our faces of the week and they are all amazing – have a look and see their stories at The regional newsletters were finally posted….after agonising over whether we had put all of the information that you would want to see in there we pressed the button and they were sent out. Along with the hard copy mailing we trialled sending the letter out via email to anyone we had email addresses for – this saves us money so I hope you don’t mind receiving an email rather than a mailing through the post. There were a couple of teething issues doing it this way but there always is when you do something for the first time – just ask my Harry about all the mistakes I made with him!

At home it was Jay’s birthday so we had the usual birthday evening with extended family round for pizza and pasta. It was a rowdy and noisy affair, as it can be when the age varies from my two year old nephew to Great Nanny who’s 90! Beth and her friend Jenn had made the birthday cake the night before; I’m certain two girls have never made more mess (and then abandoned it for me to clean up!) It always makes me chuckle when all the family are round, the pills that come out in the evening for Granddad’s heart, Nan’s diabetes, Great Nan’s indigestion and Beth’s CF would fill many with fear – in our house it’s a championship to see who can swallow the most in one go – Beth always wins – six Creon at a time, she can’t be beaten!

I’ll write soon

Nikki x

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