Wednesday 4 May 2011

The countdown has started!

Well, we’re into May and it’s less than a week to go until Cystic Fibrosis Week. All of the planning and preparing has been done – it’s time to go for it! I can’t help thinking that the Royal Wedding seemed to be a huge success and they had a similar run in time to us, so Cystic Fibrosis Week should be just as huge – I don’t think I can persuade anyone to let us have another bank holiday though! I have booked sunshine for the week so I hope that comes off :)

We had a fantastic long bank holiday weekend with street parties and barbecues, one of my friends, Sara, wore my wedding dress for most of the day, every party should have a princess – obviously I would have put it on if my hair was styled more like Kate Middleton’s, it had nothing to do with the fact that I may have put on a little weight since 1990 when I wore it for real!! The boys both did their paper rounds and there was much grumbling about the size of all the colour supplements that had to be folded carefully and put through letterboxes – no day off for them!

I think we were all ready for a return to normality when Tuesday came around, but Beth had another day off school as it was clinic day up at Great Ormond Street. She went off with her dad Graham and all was well, she had grown a little and her weight was up too, lung function was as expected so we just need to keep on doing what we’re doing for now. She stopped off for a Nando’s treat on the way home and then polished off teacakes and Easter egg as she walked in the door – no wonder her weight is good at the moment. Here's a photo of her above enjoying her dinner!

We’ve got a busy weekend ahead planned too – it’s my nephew Sonny’s third birthday so Saturday is party day; I’m making the cake, a pink number three, I’m sure he’ll grow out of that colour choice fairly soon! Then on Sunday it’s the bluebell walk at Ashridge Forest near Berkhamsted, Herts and Cystic Fibrosis Week kicks off! There are loads of people already registered for the walk and fundraising hard, it looks like it will be a bumper year for walkers. We’ve got nurses from the local hospital, friends, family, and lots of people living with Cystic Fibrosis in various ways. If you want to join in, it isn’t too late; you can register on the day. Just let me know that you’re coming along so I can make sure there is a Danish pastry and a bottle of water ready for you at the half way mark! You can drop me an email about this event, or any others from our website at

If you can’t make it to an event during Cystic Fibrosis Week then why not show your commitment during the week by signing up to an event later on in the year, there are loads to choose from, many are on our website Now is the time to change your profile pictures on Twitter and Facebook too with our special Twibbon, it’s easy to do, even my mum has done hers! And get as many people as you can to ‘like’ our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter, spreading awareness is as important as raising funds during our special week.

I’ll drop you a quick line over the weekend, but for now thanks so much for all your support and kind words - Cystic Fibrosis Week is going to be a blast!!

Nikki x


  1. Sophie Davison4 May 2011 at 17:17

    I'm enjoying your blog Nikki, good luck to evryone fundaising and raising awareness during CF Week xx

  2. Thanks Sophie - couldn't have done it without you and your boys (and all our faces of CF Week) - what a gorgeous family! The videos are going live on they are fantastic! Hope the toy sale goes well Nikki x

  3. Beth looks like she's enjoying her tea!
    Great blog - will try and change my profile pic...although technology was never my strong point!
    Nicky Murray x

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