Friday 4 January 2013

Ed Nash Steer's Marathon Challenge - blog two

Ed Nash-Steer’s niece Hannah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis four years ago, and seeing what people with CF go through everyday motivated him to start fundraising. In 2012 he ran the London Marathon and then began looking for a bigger challenge, which could raise more sponsorship. In 2013 Ed is running five marathons in five days!

Christmas Running - What's the point...?

Running has taken over my life for the past two years in a very positive way but every Christmas I have found it hard to train effectively.

As the nights draw in I find my motivation to leave my warm house wanes. Offers for a Christmas drink are all too easily accepted and Christmas parties can clearly not be avoided.

This year my excuses included a stag do, a skiing holiday, a wedding and illness. The first week in December was my most successful yet, with over 45 miles covered. Between then and the new year I only covered 23 miles in 5 runs. Those I do manage I find harder due to the cold, but incredibly rewarding physically and mentally.

Someone advised that running in the cold reduces your time by 20%. I don’t know if this is true but the thought helps when I make it outside.

I believe December, Christmas and New Year are to be enjoyed. Train hard in November but December is about damage limitation before training starts with a vengeance in January.

January 2013 is an important month as I gear up for my five marathons in April. My daily runs have moved to the morning so I get up at 5am, which is proving "interesting". I think I am developing a new category in the sport called "sleep running".

The plan is to build recovery in long weekend runs. This weekend I have a 15-mile run on Saturday and a 9-miler on Sunday, increasing to 21 and 11 miles by February. I have a regime where I eat more healthily more frequently; a minimum of six "meals" per day. One of these is an afternoon cake however, so hardly a hardship!

While training takes up most of my free time I need to remember why I am putting myself through this - fundraising!! I plan to run a networking event, ask everyone I know to sponsor me, stand outside shops, and get some press coverage. The CF Trust is a great charity and I need to maximise this opportunity.

I am ready to take myself to the next level. See you on the other side!

You can donate to Ed's amazing fundraising campaign here:

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