Friday 24 April 2015

Three marathons, three cities, three countries – one cause

This weekend, runners from all over the UK will descend on Greenwich for the Virgin Money London Marathon, running for Team CF to raise money for the fight to beat cystic fibrosis. Among those lining up will be Kyle Parsad, completing a trilogy of marathons in just five weeks, for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Rome was beautiful, I loved the city when I went last year and that's what made me sign up to the marathon there for this year. I didn't quite realise it would be so difficult though, and the cobbled streets really took it out on my body! Having said that, I got through it and the first one out of three was done in a time of 4hr 08mins.

After going through the pain and how hard Rome was, Paris was playing on my mind and there was a part of me that was worried that it would be as tough. But it was a stunning route, and the organisation was second to none. I enjoyed every minute of it... up until the last few kilometres when it started to hurt, but the support from the crowds kept me going and the atmosphere makes you want to finish. I loved it, and would definitely do Paris again in a heartbeat. This one I finished in a time of 3hrs 47mins... a new PB!

Finally, at the time of writing this I will be 11 days away from the final one of my three marathon challenges... London! I finished this in 2011 and again it was the best thing, but the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. However I am more prepared, mentally and physically, for this one then I was previously.

The other two marathons have trained my mind and body to be prepared to tackle the streets of my home country! It seems a long time ago that I started all this training and a while ago that I did Rome but in the space of five weeks I will have completed my trilogy of marathons, all for such a worthy cause... cystic fibrosis. I'm very much looking forward to pounding the streets and making this my marathon, my race and the one that I will remember forever! I am someone who is lucky enough to be able to do this, I am physically healthy and CAN run...therefore it is my responsibility as someone who CAN to help those who CAN'T!

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