Monday 8 June 2009

BLF campaign to end oxygen charges on flights

The CF Trust is supporting a campaign by the British Lung Foundation, Pulmonary Hypertension Association UK and Muscular Dystrophy Campaign to end additional changes for people travelling with oxygen and to ensure that all airlines offer the same level of service to people with a lung condition.

Find out more from the British Lung Foundation website

Click here to email your MP about this issue

Click here to read a survey of 22 airlines by Pulmonary Hypertension Association UK conducted Spring 2008

If you have recently had to pay to use oxygen on a flight please email us with more information and


  1. I was not aware that there were charges for oxygen on planes. I am definatly going to back this campaign, how tight can they be to do that?

  2. I also was not aware charges for oxygen in planes.