Thursday 5 August 2010

Bon voyage to some fundraising friends

A sad farewell or perhaps au revoir to Michael Crouch and Tori Milner who are off on a round the world trip. Mike and Tori are friends of Catherine and Julian Sheahan who have 7 year old twins with CF. From when the children where first diagnosed Mike and Tori pledged to help in any way that they could and they have been great supporters of the CF Trust over the years.

Last year Michael completed Hadrian’s Wall on crutches despite being told by a physio that he was mad to do it. Not only did he finish it with energy and only one crutch, mastering the rugged pathways like a mountain goat, he did his part in raising nearly £20k for the CF Trust! Michael also is one of the top purchasers of the CF Trust's Mr Potato Head pin badges, as he was forced to buy one everytime he was late for a meeting with Julian. Needless to say, he has quite a collection!

To mark their farewell, before embarking on a round the world trip, the couple held a farewell party in aid of the Trust. This involved bowling, dressing up and karaoke, raising a further few thousand pounds. They have been dear friends and a real asset to the Trust, and will be sorely missed.

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