Tuesday 24 August 2010

Team Racy Knickers hit the road!

Fundraisers Nicole Taylor, Sarah Kinloch and Carolyn McCall are preparing to embark on the adventure of a lifetime this September.

The girls, who have several friends with CF, will be driving from Calais to Split in Croatia in an organised car rally – a journey covering over 2000 kilometres.

Nicole said "This may not be an unusual leisure activity for some people. But for us 3 females who know very little about cars, this is a huge personal challenge to not only get to the finish line in Split but also get our car ready for the starting line!

There's also one other 'small' issue - the rules of the rally state that you must buy a car for under £150. So thankfully, we managed to source one from a friend for the grand sum of £0.43 - and a case of beer!"

You can sponsor the team here and follow their adventures on their blog

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