Thursday 21 April 2011

CF Week is fast approaching!

Oh No - it's only three weeks away!!

I went to send an email around the office to find out what all of the staff have planned for Cystic Fibrosis Week (8-14 May) and suddenly realised we only have seventeen sleeps until the 8 May! Slight panic was setting in, have we done enough, has everyone got everything they need, will anyone take part or will it just be me running around like a headless chicken trying to get donations from people!! But I shouldn't have worried - the CF Trust staff and of course our supporters are an amazing bunch and many of them have things planned, we've got, car boot sales in Cornwall, walks in Wigan, bucket collections in Bromley, skydives in Scotland - its great to know that everyone is supporting the campaign, throughout the charity and across the country. Even the CEO, Matthew Reed, is collecting at Victoria station on Monday 9 May, so feel free to pop along and say hello, or help out with a bucket for an hour or two.

The CF Week team would love to hear what you have planned - visit or email with your stories. My family and friends are planning lots, I'm encouraging, not bullying, them into it! We have a bluebell walk on 8 May, golf day on 11 May and a cake bake on 14 May - something for everyone! Feel free to join us, all of the details are on our website.

The Samsa gang plus extras went down to the London marathon last weekend, how amazing to see so many people running to support all of our 220 Team CF runners. I was a terrible mother though, I have to confess. We had set off from home at 6:15 and we arrived at Tower Bridge at about 8am. Beth wanted something to eat so set off to the closest Starbucks, when she got back I realised I'd not got any Creon with me! What a disaster! Thankfully a lovely CF granny turned up to cheer on her family and had a pot in her bag - completely against all NHS guidelines I'm sure, but we did a drug swap at mile 12 of the marathon route! I left Graham, Harry, Jay, Beth and a crowd of friends and CF Trust staff cheering on until about 2pm when the course was being cleared and went on to the post run reception. Such an emotional day meeting so many runners including a few people with CF who completed the course. Totally inspiring! If you want to sign up next year the ballot opens on Tuesday, or join us cheering on - its quite hard work, your hands ache afterwards from all that clapping ;) !!

I've got an extra day off for the Easter weekend now, need to get some sleep in before Cystic Fibrosis Week arrives, keep me posted on your plans, as well as any hints and tips on how we can make things better for next year. This year may be the best yet, but that doesn't mean I can't learn how to make things better from all of you!!

Enjoy the sunshine whatever you have planned.


Nikki xxx

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