Thursday 6 December 2012

Ed Nash-Steer's Marathon Challenge!

Ed Nash-Steer’s niece Hannah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis four years ago, and seeing what people with CF go through everyday motivated him to start fundraising. In April this year he ran the London Marathon and then began looking for a bigger challenge, which could raise more sponsorship.

So I have finally announced to the world that I am running five marathons in five days…

Back in April I proudly ran the London Marathon for CF which was one of the best experiences of my life. I have never tried so hard or prepared for so long for anything before. 

Now I needed a bigger challenge, bigger for me and for those sponsoring me. I am running from Porton, Wiltshire, to London in four days and then running the London Marathon on the fifth day, with the aim of raising over £10,000.  This will be over 130 miles in five days.

I have been training since early September and I’ve already had some massive highs and lows. I was running better and quicker than I ever had but I went through a rocky patch for a few weeks when my motivation was very low. I guess it had something to do with running 45 miles per week without any company and having no smaller targets to aim for. But since I ran the Cardiff Half back in October I have found my mojo again. It’s a great course and I ran my best time ever (1hr 35 minutes). Since then I made a better training plan and have started to spread the word. In my first week fundraising I’ve raised £1,300 and have had pledges for more.

My next marathon is on 23 December in Portsmouth and my current training is focused on completing this whilst still being in a decent shape to enjoy Christmas. My mind wanders across many subjects when I have a few hours of running ahead of me. Sometimes I think about the amazing crowd last year, about Hannah or my work; but most of the time I simply zone out and think about nothing, which when you lead a busy life is pure bliss. I never thought when I started running last August that I would enjoy each and every run I go on. 

People think I am nuts to be running so far and I always get asked why am I doing this? There are many answers I give but the truth is… because I can, because I should and because it makes a difference. 

You can donate to Ed's amazing fundraising campaign here:

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