Monday, 17 December 2012

Sadie's marathon effort -blog two

Sadie Mulvey has CF and is running the Virgin London Marathon 2013 in support of the CF Trust. She will be blogging regularly about her experiences so keep checking back to follow her progress!

Well so far, so good! I have managed to relinquish my treats of red wine and chocolate for water and bananas in training for the London Marathon! Begrudgingly at first, I admit, but if I want to give myself the best chance possible of running the whole 26.2 miles, then some sacrifices have to be made right?!

For all you runners out there who just pound pavements: take my advice and don’t just make like Forest Gump. Strengthen and condition your whole body, and your normal runs will become so much easier. I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by Billy Wakeley, a personal trainer in Exeter, and our weekly sessions work on achieving a full range of movement and building up all of my muscles.

If I have learnt one lesson so far it is: incorporate other exercise into your routine, like yoga and swimming, and really consider getting expert advice. Intensive training and 26.2 miles of continual impact? Your knees will thank you.

This blog also brings great news: my cousin Neil who is 23 has very recently undergone a double lung transplant at Harefield and is up out of bed, on the exercise bike testing out his new lungs and looking forward to a new life he has only imagined. Proud of you Neil! It goes without saying, thank you to the donor and their family. You have saved my cousin’s life.

Sponsorship is going very well and I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received so far. Understandably it’s an expensive time of year, so I have decided to take this opportunity to plan for the New Year and hit the ground running (no pun intended!) with events.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very happy New Year.


You can donate to Sadie at:

Sadie is being sponsored by Precision Fitness and Performance (Billy Wakeley - 07860 578780).


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