Friday 14 January 2011

How much time have you spent on treatment?

When reading Tim Wotton's blog this week the following really caught our attention.

Tim reckons that over his lifetime he has swallowed 280 tablets every week, which works out at 14,560 a year and 364,000 over the last 25 years.

Also during this time, he's had 10,000 nebuliser sessions, 18,200 physiotherapy sessions, over 50 IV treatments, 600 visits to his chemist and 250 visits to Frimley Park hospital.

We all know CF is a very treatment-heavy condition to live with but these figures really pack a punch. How much time do you think you have spent on treatment over the years? How many tablets do you think you've taken? Do comment on Tim's blog and let us know.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Young, Deaf and CF

Afternoon all

We've just posted a great short trailer on our You Tube page. Film student Holly Cocker has made a documentary about a young man with CF, Pete Franklin, who also has hearing loss. The documentary follows him as he makes the decision whether or not to have a transplant.

Young, Deaf and CF has been accepted into the British Shorts Film Festival in Berlin this month. Keep up to date on the progress of the documentary on Holly's blog, the film website is

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Wembley opticians defeat the Ten Tors!

Congratulations to Rakesh Kapoo, Bhakti Patel, Ananda Sena, Rashid Mahmood, Sonal Parekh, Sherya Ghandi, Kavi Kotchea, who braved the weather and completed a 50 mile trek of the Dartmoor Ten Tors raising £1,277 for the CF Trust last November.

The group of opticians from Wembley took just 2 days to complete the challenge, climbing tors as high as 570m despite the treacherous conditions encountering snow, wind, fog, ice, sun and rain.

The team completed the challenge for some of their young customers who have CF after being impressed with their 'get up and go’ attitude and positive thinking.

Well done to all of you for completing the challenge!