Tuesday 17 July 2012

George Jenkins OBE, New Chair of CF Trust

Hello! My name is George and I wanted to introduce myself and and tell you a bit about me and my commitments to the charity.

My connection to Cystic Fibrosis is very personal. My son Adam had Cystic Fibrosis and sadly passed away in 1995, so I know how important the CF Trust is in securing a better and longer life for people with CF. As a CF parent I know only too well of the huge impact this has on the whole family, the extended family and our very way of life is different to others.

It is those thoughts that will be in my mind everyday as we work at the CF Trust for real improvements in living with CF.

I am absolutely passionate about the CF Trust and know that the work it does gives people with CF hope now and for the future. The impact on improving standards in Clinical Care has been great, ensuring patients have the care they should rightly receive and has meant so much to those affected by CF.

My background in business and then more recently as Chair of various NHS Trusts means that I have a good knowledge and experience of how highly the charity is regarded by clinicians, but also understand the challenges it faces in achieving the very best standards of care across all of the UK’s CF Centres and specialist wards. I am also excited by the research the CF Trust is currently funding: advances in medicines to treat CF can have an amazing impact on children and adults with CF.

I am looking forward to pushing the Trust's Living Longer, Living Better strategy and making sure it's positive financial position continues to grow and build. I'll be writing this blog regularly to give you updates on how things are going here and all the successes we have achieved.

In the meantime for those of us having a break over the summer, I hope we manage to escape the British weather and have a good summer holiday.

Best wishes