Monday 11 February 2013

Ed Nash-Steer's Marathon Challenge - blog three

Ed Nash-Steer’s niece Hannah was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis four years ago, and seeing what people with CF go through everyday motivated him to start fundraising. In 2012 he ran the London Marathon and then began looking for a bigger challenge, which could raise more sponsorship. In 2013 Ed is running five marathons in five days!

Finally the hard work feels like it's starting to pay off...

January's winter weather made training conditions difficult. While everyone else enjoyed building snowmen and sledging, I dreaded going out for my daily runs.

Just finding the time is getting difficult too. I am having to find innovative ways of fitting in the exercise; last weekend I ran to my niece's third birthday party while my wife drove our children.

Over the past month I have gradually increased the distance and last week I ran over 61 miles. Weekday training runs are just over 5 miles and I am running 15 miles on Saturdays and 25 on Sundays.

The long runs are hard but the sense of accomplishment when you achieve what you set out to is difficult to match. Someone once told me that successful people are individuals who decide to do something and just do it. I have taken this maxim into running and daily life.

My nutrition is getting better. I have stopped drinking alcohol, which is great: it's been over a month since my last hangover. I am eating more healthily, cutting out fat and focusing on slow-release carbs and white meat. My issue has actually been eating enough food as I’m not hungry after exercising and I should snack as often as I can. I am still eating chocolate - obviously can’t give that up!!

I am now at my lightest since I was a teenager and the fittest I have ever been but my big concern is staying injury free. Sometimes it’s more helpful not to run but it doesn't stop me feeling guilty if I miss a session.

It's time to start fundraising with a vengeance. So far I have raised £1,850 which is great but I have ambitious ideas of raising over £10,000. Last year my colleagues and I organised a "pub quiz" for our clients and this year we are running a bigger event with over 120 people attending. I am also raising money through family and friends and asking complete strangers. Hopefully my story is compelling enough for people to donate.

Everything's starting to become very real now... it's just over two months away. I need to stick to my plan as the next month's training will be very gruelling.

You can donate to Ed's amazing fundraising campaign here: