Friday 4 May 2012

If I get my transplant I am hoping to do as much charity work as possible.

Hello, I'm Kerry Thorpe and I'm one of the faces of CF week!

I am 21 and I have 'end-stage CF' meaning I need a double-lung transplant to survive. My life is endless treatments, pain meds, IV antibiotics, I'm on 24/7 oxygen and I require a wheelchair as I get too exhausted when walking, I also struggle to climb stairs and do simple tasks such as showering and getting dressed.

Recently I've been extremely unwell, I've been on IV's since October with very few breaks, I have had 2 lung collapses requiring chest drains and then a 3rd smaller one, which thankfully didn't need a drain but it is ongoing and I still have the collapse today.
Due to this I can't do anything big for but I am raising awareness from my living room!

In the past year I've dedicated myself to raising awareness and money for CF, my family and friends all abseiled down a building raising over £3,000, I was guest of honour at a press ball which raised £15,000 for 3 charities, the main one being CF. A good friend of mine held a ball for her birthday and all 'presents' were to be donations to CF. Also another friend is holding a party in July, all money raised through tickets etc will go to CF Trust.

If I do get my transplant I am hoping to do as much charity work as possible, I'd love to skydive or take part in a bike ride. I would also love to run the marathon, but I will start small and work up!

I hope you have a great week and manage to raise lots of money (and awareness) for CF.

Also if you haven't, please consider signing the donor register - you could save lives.

Thank You!
Kerry x

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