Friday 9 November 2012

Research Conference

As I settle in to the world of research in cystic fibrosis, I am finding out just how exciting some of the work in this field is. All of this will help me when I plan the CF Trust’s research strategy, due to be released in late spring next year.

I went to a conference on Wednesday (7 November) called "Expert View Points on CF Pulmonary Disease - State of the Art", where over 150 healthcare professionals gathered to hear and debate state of the art treatment for lung disease in cystic fibrosis. 

A stellar international expert faculty had been brought together to provide a cutting-edge overview of the different treatment approaches. Experts were drawn from the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA. Topics covered ranged from the new therapies (those being developed to treat the root cause of cystic fibrosis) to the management of Pseudomonas infections and new infectious agents. 

Highlights from the meeting were the ways the experts provided research evidence to support their presentations. This demonstrated the need for meticulous, well-constructed clinical trials to inform treatment practices, something the CF Trust supports.

In fact I found the meeting so inspiring it was difficult to choose one stand-out talk amongst a series where each one was of such a high standard.  But for me the presentation on adherence was enlightening and demonstrated that development of “personalized medicines” is not just a tailoring of drug therapies. 

Congratulations go to the organisers, Drs Charlie Haworth and Andres Floto, for pulling together such a high-quality expert faculty that the vast majority of the audience stayed on beyond the last session to continue the discussion and debate. 

Watch this space for more research news!


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